Delfina de Araujo

Guido Pabst
A passion. A work. A legacy.
  Herbarium Bradeanum

The saga continues...
  Lou Menezes

shows a new occurrence at Bahia:
a Stenia pallida
  Show your Orchid

Send a photo of that special orchid of you and share your happiness with us.
In this edition, a beautiful Laelia purpurata carnea


José Luiz Bartolo
talks about his collection
  Now Orchid News has its own gallery
where the orchids showed in the topic
"Show your orchid" will be in permanently exhibition
  A room to tell this funny, singular or tragic history or even how certain orchid has been found, named and so on.
In this edition, a dramatic report from Hans Frank about a bee attack, that almost cost his live.
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