When we tried to get information to do this ORCHID NEWS number, we were informed that some growers in the South (just some) would be forging IBAMA liberation hall-marks in order to sell their plants, since there is a prohibition to release cites for selling Dicksoniaceae.

In the force of the gravity of the accusation, we have made contacts to IBAMA to have their official position. After making some contacts, we were told, that this information couldn't be confirmed. We insisted and we had the same answer: "We can't confirm this information".

We would like to know if there is really an effective control from IBAMA concerning this matter and why does IBAMA, as a Brazilian government official organism can't confirm this information or deny it firmly.

IBAMA hasn't say the information was false or unknown, they have just said that the information COULDN'T BE CONFIRMED.

After all, there is or there is not illegal sale of tree fern fibers (xaxim)?

Who buys this tree fern fibers is violating the law, without know it?

Is IBAMA, officially, informed about this situation or not?

We hope the organisms concerned to nature preservation and, in particular, orchids growers associations (Brazilian and foreigners ones), express their opinion and ask the Brazilian Government to have an official position about this subject.

We wonder if only the golden monkey-lion should have the Government and ONGs' sympathy and endeavors for its preservation?

And about Dicksonia selowii? Can it disappear without problems?

We wonder if the tree fern fiber users will just be worried about this problem when there will be no problem at all, or to put it another way, when there will be no more tree fern?

Now, it's your turn ...

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