In this issue we present Flávio Cardim, manager of the Quinta do Lago nursery and orchid grower since 52 years ago. Flávio told us about his experience in growing orchids and give us some orientations in how to improve the orchids' look.
Flávio writes the main topic and give a polemic interview. We have also the topic "Show your Orchid" and if you want to see the previous issues go to our storehouse at the end of this page.

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We will be presenting, in this topic, orchids cultivated by professional and/or amateurs growers. The information given with the photo will be the plant's identification and the grower's name.
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The flowers will not be judged. This is only a place to expose beautiful orchids
   Flávio Cardim

See the entire interview with Flávio where some myths about orchid cultivation are turned down.

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In this issue we will present 2 orchids from amateurs growers

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