Due to the success of the orchid show organized by OrquidaRio at the Nova América Outlet Shopping, we decided to do this special issue from our magazine Orchid News in order to register this event.

With a good publicity in the media (outdoors, poster and so on ) strategically distributed in the city, with the support of the sponsors and choosing a place out of the circuit considered as adequate, the OrquidaRio direction has got the point in organizing this show.

This show had the participation of:
The OrquidaRio organized free raffles of several flowered plants during the show between people who bought its label.


Best Laeliinae
Laeliocattleya Sheila Lauterbach (Nobile Orquídeas)

Best Catasetinae
Catasetum pileatum (Quinta do Lago)

Best Dendrobiinae
Best Dendrobium nobile hybrid(Nobile Orquídeas)

Best Oncidiinae
Alexanderara St. Queen (Aranda)

Best Cyrtopodiinae
Paphiopedilum Transval (Aranda)

Best Vandaceous
Ascocentrum ampullaceum (Raul Sudré Filho)

Best Phalaenopsis
Phalaenopsis Temptation (Aranda)

Best cultivation and best specimen
Miltonia spectabilis tipo (Binot)

Best plant
Catasetum pileatum (Quinta do Lago)

Grand Champion Orchid Exhibit
Quinta do Lago


Best Angraecum species
Angraecum philipenense (Associação Mineira de Orquidófilo)

Best Ascocentrum species
Ascocentrum ampullaceum (Associação Mineira de Orquidófilo)

Best Catasetum species
Catasetum pileatum (Quinta do Lago)

Best foreign bifoliate Cattleya species
Cattleya bowringiana (Florália)

Best foreign unifoliate Cattleya species
Cattleya mossiae tipo (Florália)

Best Cattleya Hybrid and relatives (lilac)
Cattleya Irene Holguin (Florália)

Best Cattleya hybrid and relatives (semi-alba and alba)
Laeliocattleya Sheila Lauterbach (Nobile Orquídeas)

Best Cattleya hybrid and relatives
Cattleya harrisoniana X schilleriana ( Orquidário Warneri)

Best Cymbidium hybrid (rose)
Cymbidium Vieux Rose X Rincon (Aranda)

Best Cymbidium hybrid (yellow)
Cymbidium Wayanga (Orquidário Warneri)

Best Coelogyne species
Coelogyne pandurata (Orquidário Warneri)

Best Cyrtopodium species
Cyrtopodium andersonii (Bela Vista)

Best Dendrobium species
Dendrobium anosmum (Florália)

Best Dendrobium hybrid
Dendrobium Sakura X ( Dendrobium Anglow X Dendrobium Fujimussume) (Nobile Orquídeas)

Best Dendrobium hybrid (antilope group)
Dendrobium Jacqueline Concert X Dendrobium denticulatum (Central de Bromélias e Orquídeas)

Best Ionopsis species
Ionopsis paniculata (Aranda)

Best Masdevallia species
Masdevallia aybacana (Florália)

Best Mexicoa species
Mexicoa shifsbrestiana (Orquidário Binot)

Best Miltonia species
Miltonia spectabilis tipo (Orquidário Binot)

Best Octomeria species and relatives
Octomeria juncifolia (Florália)

Best Oncidium species
Oncidium croesus (KS Orchids)

Best Paphiopedilum species
Paphiopedilum hainanense (Aranda)

Best Sarcoglottis species
Sarcoglottis sp. (Hans Franz)

Best Phalaenopsis hybrid
Phalaenopsis Temptation (Aranda)

Best Vandaceous hybrid
Rhynchostylis (coelestis X Ascocentrum miniatum ) X (Vanda denisoniana X Ascocenda Aurifolium) (Hans Frank)

Best Zygopetalum species and relatives
Zygopetalum crinitum (Quinta do Lago)

Best hybrid (other)
Masdevallia Elcin Gen (Florália)